Bread baking is the major focus at the S.A.B.I, as bread is the staff of life.

Artisan breads are hand-crafted from the choicest and healthiest ingredients and rely on experience and expertise for their success, rather than on the chemicals and additives in commercial breads.

Fermentation, like wine, is slow (12 hours or more) using natural, wild yeasts instead of commercial baker's yeast. The breads rise overnight in cloth lined wicker baskets and are then baked directly on the hearth of a brick oven.

Mixing, dividing, shaping and baking is all lovingly done by hand rather than the automated machinery of production line bakeries. Only this way can one develop a deep understanding of the materials, their behavior and eccentricities.

Emphasis is placed on authenticity at S.A.B.I. Every bread we bake and teach about has been extensively researched at the source. We have accumulated a treasure trove of authentic formulas from all reaches of the globe for almost every concievable bread from almost every culture. Understanding the culture behind the bread is vital to understanding the bread itself and in order to bake it authentically. The S.A.B.I has developed an international network of associates who keep us up to date with various regional developments in the world of baking.

In addition to authentically duplicating well known breads from around the world the S.A.B.I is actively involved in developing new, innovative breads, such as Rambam Bread. We design unique and innovative products for our clients and pioneer new trends in healthy baking that are based on the most up to date research in the fields of medicine and nutrition.

For millenia bread has been the staple diet of mankind. Only in the last century has this staple been endlessly tampered with and raped of its inherent nutritive value. The mission of S.A.B.I is to educate and to inform and thus hopefully to effect a reversal of the process that has placed baking in the untrustworthy hands of big business and return it to where it rightfully belongs - in the home.