Building the Oven


All projects start with good markings and an able bodied crew.

An oven that weighs over 60 tons needs a solid foundation and base.

Preparing to pour the hearth concrete.

Laying the hearth bricks.

The walls of the oven go up.

One of the most rewarding parts of the building, the arched roof. It's amazing how those bricks stay up.

Preparing to pour the oven cladding.

Pouring the oven cladding.

The neighbours think we are building a nuclear reactor.

Preparing to construct the facade. Staring into the mouth of the beast.

The inside facade is up.

Preparing the outside facade.

Fitting the flue.

We have a chimney.

Before closing it all up, the insulation....

Doing the highwire act, laying the roof shingles.

The painting crew arrives.

A job well done. It looks positively Shakespearean.

Fire in the hole!