1. Introduction

2. Calendar - Call 1-800-35-1222

3. Workshops

a. The Artisan Method of Baking
b. Flat Breads From Around the World
c. A Taste of Paris
d. The Maestro of Milano
e. Hallahs for Beginners
f. Advanced Hallah Baking
g. Health Breads
h. Healthy Pastry

Children/Birthdays/Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
i. The Secret of the Donut
j. Croissants and Bourekas
k. Bagels Bagels Bagels
l. Cookies for Beginners
m. The Bread Codex

4. Courses

a. Artisan Breads
b. Viennoiserie
c. Cakes and Pies for Beginners
d. Advanced Cakes and Pies
e. Advanced Cookies
f. Brick Oven Building
g. Artisan Baker Apprenticeship

5. Location of Workshops and Courses

Either at our institute or at your location - home/business/hall etc. The Apprentice course SABI85348 is conducted only at our institute.

6. Pricing

Call 1-800-35-1222 for details